Haiti – International Women’s Day : Rain of messages (Video)

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Acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry:
“I am delighted on this memorable day of March 8, 2023 to be present at the celebration ceremony of International Women’s Day so that together we pay a deserved tribute to our sisters, our mothers, and our wives, to our friends, to Haitian women.

Now become a tradition, the commemoration of International Women’s Day certainly aims to pay tribute to women, but it is also an opportunity to reflect on the status of women in the world and particularly in our country.

I would like to reaffirm from this rostrum my determination and that of the government to work towards the promotion of a society inclined to equal rights and equity.

You, Haitian women, women fighters, we respect you, because looking at your daily life, no one can deny that you always share the care of the home, the meaning of the cradles and the love in the family.

You are our first educators. You prepare us for the mysteries of life. In other words, you are preparing us for the future of our species, the human species.é

Ambassador of Haiti in Washington:
“On this International Women’s Rights Day, I salute the courage and determination of millions of women around the world, especially those living in conflict zones and refugee camps. A special thought to Haitian women, ‘our poto mitan’”

Consulate General of Haiti in New York:
“More than ever, equity and respect for women’s rights must be priorities to ensure a more inclusive and egalitarian world. On this March 8, 2023, which marks International Women’s Rights Day, it is an opportunity for the Consulate to remind the Haitian community and all its partners that daily efforts must be strengthened to protect our girls, our women so that no one is left out.”

Haitian Football Federation:
“Let’s honor women, this March 8, International Women’s Day. Honor and merit to the Grenadière of the women’s selection of Haiti who valiantly qualified for the next FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia / New Zealand 2023 “Haitian Football Federation.

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Yvrose Pierre, Mayor of Cap-Haitien:
“On this memorable day of March 8, when we celebrate International Women’s Day around the world, I join my voice to those of all women around the world, in particular those of the women of Haiti, to pay them a vibrant tribute.”

former First Lady Martine Moïse:
“I dedicate the 2023 ‘European Women’s International Leadership Award’ received in Brussels https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-39006-icihaiti-social-former-first-lady-martine-moise-in-europe-to-receive-an-international-award.html to YOU Haitian women. Always keep this extraordinary strength. I love you. Happy celebration of the day of March 8, 2023,” Former First Lady Martine Moïse

Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe:
“On March 8, let’s not forget to send a big salute to all women who fight for the rights of all women. We salute their perseverance, strength and courage as we continue to fight alongside them.”

United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH):
As the whole world commemorates International Women’s Day on March 8, BINUH and the entire UN system in Haiti welcome the appointment of three women to the Court of Cassation, a progress never achieved in the past.